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San Jose FAQ, California Pearman Landscape
FAQ in Pearman Landscape, California

South Bay Landscaping Company - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top things people need to make sure to do in order to take care of their landscape:
  • Fertilize every 8 weeks- 6# per 1000 sq ft
  • Fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizer in winter
  • Deep core aerate in Fall/Spring
  • Spray for crabgrass/broadleaf in Spring/summer
  • Make sure irrigation is covering turf areas evenly
  • Over seed bare spots in early spring especially
    shaded areas
  • Deep water 3x per week- Don't water every day
  • Don't mow lawn short in spring or summer 3.5" min
Here are some things you need to do to ensure proper care of fruit trees:
  • When planting select the sunniest location possible
  • Place generous amount of mulch around the tree
  • Deep as needed water 1x per week -
    Spring/Summer /fall
  • Prune trees in the winter except for young trees.
  • Young trees can be pruned in Spring/Summer to promote faster growth
  • Spray fruit trees with dormant oil in Fall & Winter
  • Fertilize in Early spring/fall- never during Summer
  • Thin fruit off branches when small to prevent
    bunching together
  • Pinch first small buds to promote larger fruit